Stockholm syndrome in modern times

Originally posted on Pain of the Empath:
Those of us who are of a certain age remember the creation of the term “Stockholm Syndrome”, which was used to describe a psychological condition where hostages express empathy and sympathy toward their captors and often can identify with the captor’s feelings and causes. As I have been…

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Is my pain my fault?

If you’ve read my earlier posts, I’ve had issues with people thinking of asking me out, then  not following through, or texting me sporadically and making it seem like they were interested in me but really weren’t. Am I causing my own unhappiness?  Am I expecting too much from people? Maybe it’s just the way… Continue reading Is my pain my fault?

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What is wrong with people?

It seems these days my ‘crap detector’ has been up and running full force and I guess it will stay that way until I can figure out what is going wrong with some of the people I am friends with. If you recall a few posts ago, my antenna were up when a fellow from… Continue reading What is wrong with people?

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Social media – a weapon for the narcissist

We’ve all seen the typical narcissist on social media, constantly posting selfies and providing an endless boring stream of what they are wearing, what they ate, and lots of other mind numbing drivel. When a person with Narcissist Personality Disorder uses it however, it becomes a weapon. A few months before my narcissistic friend discarded… Continue reading Social media – a weapon for the narcissist

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He vanished again

I was at the monthly car meeting last night and as I figured, my narcissist ex-friend didn’t show up.  He had attended last month if you recall from one of my earlier posts, but sat in the back between two other people, looking downcast and subdued.  His presence, while startling at first, didn’t really bother… Continue reading He vanished again

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He wouldn’t have been there anyway

Yesterday was my late husband’s birthday.  He’s been gone three years now and I was really missing him this time around.  I wandered around the house all day wondering what to do with myself, but fortunately I had a photography group meeting in the evening so that helped occupy my time. My friends were very… Continue reading He wouldn’t have been there anyway